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PostSubject: TIPS ON RYU   TIPS ON RYU Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2007 9:08 pm

Okay, so it may be 3 years old or so... but there are some who haven't
gone and read it over at X-Force already. So, here it is... and yeah,
as I mentioned it's old, so there's like a million + characters not

Possible match-ups when using Ryu:

Ryu vs. Ryu:

For this type of battle, it would be best to stay both close and far
from your opponent. More specifically: be jumping around a lot. Try not
to let the other player catch you, and when he's defenseless, kick or
punch him using a comfortable combination known to you. If in any case
you DO get sick of jumping around, try standing still and waiting for
your opponent to approach you. When he/she gets close enough, duck down
and unload a barrage of low attacks. If done correctly, this should
take a suprising amount of life away from him/her (a good punch to do
is MP).

Ryu vs. Wolverine:

It is highly recommended that you keep your distance from your opponent
in this type of match. Wolverine doesn't use any projectile attacks, so
it is easiest to jump as far away as you can from him and use hadoukens
whenever possible. If you get caught in a death trap of berserker
barrages or drill claws, simply avoid trying to jump away after you've
been hit. Block his latest attack, and as soon as he's done, jump away
(super jump if you can, for if you attempt a regular jump, you can
sometimes be attacked again). Try not to use many Tornado Kick supers;
wolverine can easily either duck and slash at your leg, or just plain
hit your spinning body and cancel out your attack.

Ryu vs. Sentinel:

Keep close to sentinel when you're fighting him. Most Sentinel users
will try to keep you at a distance, and hit you with their rocket
punches and beams the whole time. A good way to start out is by jumping
forward at the sentinel, and air-blocking his initial attack. If you
don't get to him by then, just keep jumping closer until you're near
him. Once you're right in his face, jump kick him maybe a few times,
and then crouch down and unleash some low attacks (sweeping is a good
idea because once Sentinel is knocked down, you can chase after him,
and hit him some more right after he gets up). Using the tornado kick
super is actually a good idea with sentinel, since he is bigger, and is
more likely to get caught in it.

Ryu vs. Chun-Li:

Be sure to keep yourself moving while fighting Chun-Li. Most users of
this character would like to stay as close to you as possible so that
they may lightning kick you or use the energy blast attack. For this
reason, using hadoukens would probably be most effective in striking
your opponent down. The tornado kick, most of the time, proves to be
ineffective against better Chun Li users, so using the shinkuu-hadouken
super is best when you're ready to use a super.

Ryu vs. Cyclops:

Get in close to Cyclops as soon as you can when the fight starts. Don't
bother using a hadouken first, because your opponent could easily cut
through it with an optic blast. Instead, jump over to Cyclops (while
air-blocking) and do a punch or kick of your choice to stun him. Next,
crouch low and do some low attacks, and if you wish, even jump behind
him and do some hadoukens at his back. In case your opponent tries to
move away, simply keep following him and pulling off close attacks so
he can't optic blast you to death. Try not to jump too high while
fighting him, because if he ever decided to use a high optic blast, and
hits you... he could repeat the attack over and over, and keep you
there Alllll day.

Ryu vs. Spider-Man:

Spider-Man users have the tendency to move around a lot. If you end up
getting into a fight with a good (super cheap) spidey user, you may
find it nearly impossible to win, since Spider-Man can build up supers
fast and has some pretty devistating supers at that. However, if you
want to perform best, I would suggest definitely moving around a whole
lot and doing heavy jump kicks while you're at it. That way, you have
the occasional chance of making contact with him. Also, use as many
hadoukens (preferably airborne ones) as you can in attempt to knock
them out of the air (since that's primarily where spidey users live).

Ryu vs. Evil Ryu:

Users of this special ... only character spend most of their time in
the air. If possible, try to jump up towards them and do straight
hadoukens at their face. This is a good idea because the diagonal
hadouken blasts that Evil Ryu throws are more delayed than normal Ryu's
hadoukens (meaning that it takes Evil Ryu longer to throw multiple
blasts). In case you can't jump up there and keep up with them, just
wait until they land, and strike them low before they can act on you.
Be careful of Evil Ryu's Tenma Gou - Zankuu super. The only safe place
from this attack is above Evil Ryu or behind him. Be especially careful
of the Raging Demon super. I would suggest that you hold on to your
helpers, because you'll surely want to throw one to block this deadly
super (blanka and psyclocke are the quickest helpers). Not only
helpers, but a hadouken should also be able to stop an on-coming Raging

~*Advanced Techniques*~

A little trick to help ya keep away from trouble and fill that power gauge, too:

When your opponent is across the screen from you, super jump up over to
his/ her side of the arena, and do repeated hadoukens into the side of
the screen. Yes, you should literally be shooting hadoukens through the
right or left side of the screen. If you do this correctly, Ryu should
be able to do several hadoukens while remaining Airborne. But of
course.... what goes up must come down. He will gradually drop each
time you do a hadouken until he?s worked his way back to the ground.
however, you will have successfully filled up a pretty good portion of
your super gauge, and might have even been able to avoid some pretty
serious attacks.

Problems with facing the right direction:

True, this move does work best if your opponent is ALL the way
at the other side of the screen. However, if he is, let?s say.....right
in front of you, all you have to do is super jump, and do several kicks
until you reach where you want to be (the opposite side from where you
started, and FACING that side). By kicking, you will have forced Ryu to
not turn back around, but to keep facing the direction that you want to
be facing. Once you?re there, simply unleash a whole crap load of
hadoukens, and fill up that super gauge!

More problems with facing the right direction:

sometimes when your opponent does a super technique while you?re facing
the side of the screen and doing hadoukens, Ryu will turn back around
and face the opponent. I have no suggestion for fixing this type of
problem . Just pray that it doesn?t happen to you .

Shin-Shoryuken Surprise:

A warning to high laggers: this move won't be very easy for you to pull
off, since it requires knowing that your opponent will be near you when
you strike.

If you have an opponent dumb enough to stand across the screen while
you do endless hadouken blasts at them until they finally jump away
from their corner, then this will work well for you. As stated, begin
by doing a whole mess of hadoukens at your opponent until they get sick
of standing there, and attempt to attack you up close. If and when they
jump over your head or right in front of you, IMMEDIATELY stop doing
your hadoukens, and do a Shin-Shoryuken. I have found this trick to be
very helpful for me, even though i have lag working against me.
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Number of posts : 42
Age : 28
Registration date : 2007-08-08

respect loyalty and shosh:
TIPS ON RYU Left_bar_bleue100/100TIPS ON RYU Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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PostSubject: Re: TIPS ON RYU   TIPS ON RYU Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2007 9:09 pm

post any xtra questions!
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