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respect loyalty and shosh:
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PostSubject: CYCLOPS TIPS   CYCLOPS TIPS Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2007 9:10 pm

Cyclops Vs Ryu

This has to be the most easiest oppenent you can't have...just Low
Optic Cannon him 'till he Shinku Hadokens when you knows hes gonna do
it just high Jump behind him and do a Super optic Blast that will have
knocked him for a sec
after that just Medium Gene Splice and Low Cyclone Kick him when hes in
the corners..and Low Optic cannon when he spams you with hadokens...

Cyclops Vs Ken

This guy is pissing me off I greatly Suggest you just play
really Offensive..just double high jump behind him and Medium Gene
Splice him and Super optic blast him right after...I know that most of
Ken users high jumps a lot so just let them come and use youre
powerfull Vertical Blast 1-2 times..and Go away..double jump and blocks
works good Vs Shoryuken...

Cyclops Vs Akuma

A lot of people says that akuma is really hard to beat with
cyclops...well not really...just use youre double jump a lot evade most
of their downward kicks and use High Gene Splice lot...use some Low
Cyclone Kicks when their on ground..thats about it really just use
youre defensive skills vs them and all will go Perfect..

Cyclops Vs Sakura

Everyone Knows that when you see someone picking Sakura you don't use
cyclops..but ehh youre a real cyclop user or youre not xD...Her big
hadoken will just make you real small on the screen so just keep doing
Low optic cannons and some High Optic Blast from time to time (not to
spam ehh..) Don't use Gene Splice or you'l get down fast enough by her
Hadoken..Cyclone Kick doesnt works either...Vertical Blast well not
really...I guess Optic Cannon nd High Optic Blast are the only one's
working ehh..Just do that High Jump and Use Speacial..but really most
of time Cyclops user never fights Sakura users...

Cyclops Vs Spiderman

This as to be the hardest oppenent you'l encounter no joke...with his
kick that goes each side of the screen and passes trough almost
everything you will have to evade most of them yup..the best solution
here is to do some Optic Cannon double Jump and speacial blast
him...Cyclone kicks wont work and Gene Splices either..well not
much..Vertical Blast is youre 2nd best friend here..when you see
Spiderman comming really high of you with that Dumb kick do 2-3
Vertical and go away..repeat this 'till he dies this can time much time
as well..

Cyclops Vs Cyclops

I can't really help you really depends if youre oppenent is
good or not..if he is then play more defensive wait for him attack
those stuff you know a bit like chun-li...if he aint the Really go on
him offensive to the max and do like bison cuz most of time spammer of
cyclops waits there and optic blast you...

Cyclops Vs Sentinel & Juggernaut (almost the same so yeah..)

hmm here well pretty easy...just high Jump and Cyclone kick em to
death..just keep doing that 'till he dies..Speacial are
can use em if you want but most of time cyclone kick does it...if they
starts spamming you well just double High Jumps and continu youre
awsome work xD

Cyclops Vs Bison

On this one put all you have together don't let him move just blast him
in a corner 'till he dies really...just Low Gene Splice him and Low
cyclone kick him and jump one time to Super optic Blast him..really I
aint joking don't let him move...if he teleport himself just high jump
to the other corner and knock him off one more time ;]

Cyclops Vs Chun-Li

In here I really suggest you wait for youre oppenent instead of chasing
her..beacause triple Jumps beats wait for her to come on you
and use some optic cannon to defend yourself while she comes to
you..when she decides to high jump towards you use the Vertical Blast 2
times high jump to the other side and do a super optic blast...this
should knock her a also can High Gene Splice when she comes
and right after do the Speacial..but I prefer the vertical optic blast
strategy..Thats about it for Chun-Li not much to say it will just take
a bit of time..

Cyclops Vs Wolverine

In this fight you can't win without using youre double jumps..use it at
youre maximum to take advantage on the ground unit..keep doing Medium
Gene Splice to not loose to many time and to inflige a nice amount of
dmg..Low cyclone kick work well but not too much because Berserker
Barrage passes trough...Low Rapid attack works very well to knock
wolverine on a side...Keep in mind that wolverine goes trough the
screen in one shot so if you do the Lv1 Optic Blast Speacial I sugesst
you make it under you so that wolvie can cross..Thats it for wolvie ;]
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Number of posts : 42
Age : 28
Registration date : 2007-08-08

respect loyalty and shosh:
CYCLOPS TIPS Left_bar_bleue100/100CYCLOPS TIPS Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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PostSubject: Re: CYCLOPS TIPS   CYCLOPS TIPS Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2007 9:11 pm

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